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Telling Stories Day Glasgow – Part 3 Gig Review

For the benefit of anyone who missed Part 1 or Part 2 this is a gig review of The Charlatans at Glasgow Barrowland Ballroom on 09 Jun 12.

We enter the Barras, searched because we’re here
Huv you anything you shouldnae huv, ooft, never fear.
Up one flight of stairs, yes we know that smell
Fat from greasy burgers, nostrils pinched a tell
Up again we go, it’s dark dirty and dingy
Glitter ball and our square tiles, the Barras haze hits me.
Stars wink from the ceiling, and internally we smile
Still the most atmospheric venue in town by miles.
Beer consumption and anticipation high
Sound systems thumping, band arrival draws nigh
Now on stage, velvet drop is looking fine
With no shoes arms out stretched, tambourine sublime.
A hair shake, a bow to crowd, North Country boy beams purple
& Blue criss cross jets of light and John Brookes cymbals thunder
Crash and, Tellin Stories, shout, then laserbeam
Sends shivers, this rendition, best we’ve ever seen?
Schweet edge, 97, a good year, Clean up Kid
Mark and Tony showing they’ve had fun dusting this one’s lid.
One to another, pleased to meet ya, bouncing, Tim gees crowd
Martin Blunt, I’m sure he’s dancing, is this sh1t allowed?
JB is a wild thing. Whistles and videos
Don’t need a gun, your a big girl now, come on folks, let’s go.
A quick guitar change for MC, lets everybody know.
Now he gives it laldi, a breather for JB.
It’s all sounding fresh on acoustic, Now, How can you leave
Us now, and tempo up again band well chuffed with new
Life that’s been breathed into this, drums are mental too.
Area 51, tambourine is back. Tim is jiving, Tony funky, Mark is far from slack.
How you all doing, good times, too good, here’s Title Fight
How High starts a pogo, the tempo’s good tonight.
Only Teethin, then Get on it, harmonicas sounding good
Tony Rogers organ, Martin Blunt, the bass is rude.
Hand claps take us higher, drums crash, piano’s sick.
I hear someone shout Tim’ll Fix it.
Tellin Stories tonight………….EPIC.

Then we have the encore, the hits rack up all night
More than we imagined, man it’s sounding tight
Forever is a treat, there’s Weirdos funky dancing.
Strobes and Vanity, all hands together chanting
Exuberant the crowd , it’s harmonica time
Impossible, a victory, without, would be a crime
Thinking Things over, homecoming is true
Everyone in the moment the lights strobe red and blue
Clapping, sweating, everyone, bonkers are we ravers?
Sunshine of my life and Here comes a soul saver.
Orange soft the mood, Beaming grins never perplex me
Blackened blue eyes strikes, we’re feeling kinda sexy!
A Charlatan band, noble and wild,
Your hustlin for tricks, leaves not a dry eye
You’re the only one we know, hands aloft it’s way too much.
As Sproston Green closes, no words required, we’re touched!

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  1. Karen Richardson says:

    Amazing!!! Felt like I could hear the music as I read the words

  2. I love it, I truly love it. This is a very special piece. We all get lost like this simotemes. Sometimes we stay in the lost state, and simotemes we come out easy looking at life more positively. Either way, this piece speaks for all of us.

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