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Need a reminder what this Tim Peaks Diner is all about? Grab a coffee and read on. The story starts quite a bit over a year ago, but we’ll pick up in February of last year.

Feb 12
Today sees the doors close on Tim Peaks Diner. But this isn’t another business calling time amidst a countries financial woes. This sees the end (?)of the hugely successful brainchild of Charlatans front man Tim Burgess.
Tim Peaks Diner is a virtual cafe that people can pop into by simply dropping Tim @Tim_Burgess a tweet or twenty on social networking site Twitter. The diner plays host to tens of thousands of people during it’s opening hours and boasts quite a significant selection of coffees, teas, spice infusions, shakes and more. The selection is…well, endless. Whatever your mind can concoct, Tim can serve up. And it’s a diner, so if you feel the need for something a little more substantial then you can always treat yourself to a selection of cupcakes, muffins, biscuits…hey he’ll even rustle you up a sandwich if you ask nicely. (the vegetarian selection is outstanding)
There is a jukebox too, which will always keep you smiling. Tim’s eclectic mix of musical tastes kick off each morning with #timsbreakfastbanger which is aired shortly after opening hours. There then ensues many other playlists and some corking tunes. Where else could you here Prince singing with the muppets, Kraftwerk and The Beach Boys all played by one dj.
All very interesting I hear you say, but what makes makes this diner so special for it’s residents?
Well…for a kick off, Tim personally dishes out the orders. In the virtual world, this means personal responses to each ‘tweet’ received. Translated into social media speak, this means that, with over 20000 followers, he’s dedicating a fair old amount of time to interacting with his fans.
In the months that the doors have been opening, that’s quite some tweeting, and quite some typing. There’s been the live events too.. Not content at being totally virtual, the diner doors entered the physical world for some real life human interaction over twitter too. I think Mr Burgess might refer to that as a touch of psychedelic irony…but who am I to second guess him.
The Charlatans albums listening parties from Nashville, Dublin, Manchester et al were all smashing events for those who attended too.
Having had the pleasure of meeting him on one occasion, it’s a double dose of gratitude that has to expressed in closing the review.
For the musical memories that pretty much define the soundtrack of a generation, for keeping going and, in keeping with the subject of the blog, for opening the doors of Tim Peaks Diner to us all, we thank you.
I think everyone who has stopped by will testify, it’s been an enormous amount of fun.
Go on, get over to Tim Peaks Diner today.
If your quick…and I mean really quick, you might catch Tim for that last cuppa!
Or Check out The Charlatans
And look out for Tim’s autobiography coming soon…

July 12
Tim Peaks Diner @KendalCalling – Day 1

There’s a homely feel to Tim Peaks Diner at Kendal Calling. I’m not going to describe it in detail for you because my daughter Heather has written it up far more eloquently.. Me, I’m still just more than a little shocked at being asked by Tim Burgess, to be Tim Peaks Diner’s very first writer in residence at Kendal Calling. So, over to you Heather.
 So far Tim Peaks feels like home. The comfy,red, leather booths make it so relaxing to have a drink and make new friends. No frowns have been spotted only smiles and mouths open wide in amazement for when they get the first sip of their drink. As soon as you walk in you see the delicious, eye catching Totes Amazeballs that look like they are calling you over for a bite. No-one has left with out a smile on their face and coffee in their stomach. The guests who came in looked curious and a little tense but as soon as they sit down with a drink in their hand a smile forms on their face and they slouch down nice and relaxed. The people that are working/helping out make sure you are satisfied and do it with a grin. As for the food the sponge cake is to die for! All the jam lovers and cake lovers will adore this especially with awesome tunes to bob your head to while you eat. The milk chocolate cookies are delicious too, nice and soft just the way most people like it. The bird watching activity is very interactive and fun for the children to keep them occupied if the funky music does not. Funky music which, it has to be said comes from a pretty funky jukebox.
All this before today’s special guests got up to perform.
Tony Walsh got things started (@KendalCalling poet laureate 2012) with poetry of his own before and after introducing Jackie Hagen and Mark Mace Smith too. Music from The Gramotones and more poetry from Mike Garry kept everyone well entertained.
The poems were amazing and many people laughed. It is a really lovely place because you get to talk to people that are part of bands or poets and are not always stuck up in the dressing room hiding from people. There is just enough space to talk to them and get to know them. After interviewing six people we got some good results: Two boys crunching on Totes Amazeballs say that the best part for them was the cereal. Two of the people that were being interviewed said that they came to Tim Peaks because they heard it on twitter. A family say they are coming back tomorrow because they want to see Edwyn Collins, Fin from Hatcham Social says he is coming back because it reminds him of Twin Peaks. (Witch is actually why it is called Tim Peaks.) Riley from Hatcham Social says he is coming back because he likes the coffee  . And out of the six people spoken to only one person said they would change one thing. We wont tell Tim who said he would change the curtains “the pink does not match the rest of the place.” That is only for one day, wow looks good for Tim Peaks! Over to you dad!
Em, what more can I add to that? Summed up better than I could have put it.
Did you mention that once the jukebox got into full swing that the diner guests got up for a boogie?
What a cracking start to the weekend. Roll on tomorrow.
Here’s the fine gents that are Hatcham Social, chillin in Tim Peaks with mrpinkster and the H-bomb.

Tim Peaks Diner @KendalCalling – Day 2
Dave Haslam kicked off the day with a short memoir of the hazy crazy Madchester days of Happy Mondays an The Stone Roses, which really set the mood for the rest of the days events.
Then he introduced Edwyn Collins, who spoke frankly about family, ilness and recuperation, current and future projects, childhood, courage and titanium plates in his head as well as OJ days, spitting, Rip it Up and a bizarre TOTP performance.
All this led nicely into the musical entertainment for the day. The diner guests were already feeling the love when Roddy Frame and Edwyn Collins took the stage.
This was followed by a short set by Hatcham Social, then Tim Burgess accompanied by Hatcham Social.
We then welcomed Roddy Frame back to the stage, who was joined firstly by Tim for a beautiful rendition of Walk into Winter. Both were then joined by Edwyn for Consolation Prize and Girl like you. Anyone who was in the diner will tell you what a very special moment this was.
As everyone was catching there breath, in cam Kyle from The View, who took requests from the audience for his set.
Once he had finished Nick Heyward wandered into the diner looking pretty darn cool in his Wellies and shorts.
He opens his set with “hiya, shall we warm up with some love” (+1)
Soon he has the diner guests dancing before Tim joined him on stage for the set closer.
They had the crowd singing back to them in what was another very special moment indeed.
Tim came back out for a Q and A session and a few book readings and still had time for another impromptu poem about the late Tony Wilson, from poet Mike Garry thrown in for good measure.
Dave Haslam said this had been one of the best days of his life and I would not argue with that.
Metamorphosizing the virtual phenomenon that wasTim Peaks into the reality we have been experiencing at Kendal Calling has taken skill, a lot of good judgement and a lot of hard work.
That work paid off today as Tim Peaks Diner became a roaring success. On behalf of all the guests, I’d like to thank Tim, all today’s performers and everyone who worked so hard to make this such a Fantastic Day.
Over to Heather for a few closing words.
Wow how can I add anything to that? Well you covered it all! 
Totes Amazeballs for breakfast ?

Tim Peaks Diner @KendalCalling – Day 3

What better way to start off day 3, than with a nice bowl of Totes Amazeballs. Heather thought it was a great idea and also commented how nice it was that there are also seats outside the diner.
Inside was absolutely packed this morning, so we watched diner guests come and go as we ate our breakfast. Once I make my way inside I see one of the reasons why it is so busy. The pace is definitely slower in the diner today. Not the staff, I’m quick to add. They are still darting around like crazy’ ensuring the place remains clean, tidy and that the food is so cleverly displayed, you just cannot help but want to eat lots. All in all ensuring everyones experience is just perfect. The diner guests are consuming Totes Amazeballs by the truck load it seems today, the jukebox choices have a much lower BPM and the faces of contentment are also just starting to show the slightest evidence of some late nights. And so Tim Peaks is soothing the souls for now it seems.
Tony Walsh starts the days entertainment off again today, performing and introducing some fine poets including Dave Viney, Thick Richard and Scott Tyrell.
With it being Day 3, a few faces have become quite familiar to me, you could say the diner regulars.
Poet Mike Garry has been here supporting the diner all weekend as have Manchester band The Gramotones. I have a quick chat with the band before they play their second set of the weekend, who tell me they have had an absolute blast over the weekend. They also let me know their first single will be out soon, which is great news, because these guys sound fresh. Worth keeping an eye out for them and rest assured further reviews will appear in due course.
Before The Gramotones are Dutch electro outfit Minny Pops, who recently recorded a single for O-Genesis. (Tim’s record label) The band mesmerised the diner guests with their unique interactive performance. When asked to describe it, the winner of a t-shirt during one number said it was unbelievable but difficult to describe.
The Gramotones then entertained the crowd again, going down a storm. Remember The La’s? Imagine invigorating that spirit with a fresh sounding 2012 go get em approach and your not a million miles off.
Young author and poet Joe Stretch read an excerpt from his upcoming novel “The Adult”, worth buying for the Katy Price tape description, which he delicately edited (ok removed completely) with their being kids present.
There was a slightly sad moment today though. When the men came to take the jukebox away, it was startling realisation that Tim Peaks Diner residence at Kendal Calling was coming to an end.
The remaining acts of the day kept the crowd entertained but watching people leave the diner for the last time, you could already sense the onset of deflation.
Staff, special guests and customers all made this one of the best weekends of my life. But don’t just take my word for it. I’m pretty sure plenty of people will agree? Dave Haslam, Finn from Hatcham Social said pretty much the same.
Heather said to me, “Dad, it’s kind of been like a dream. I can’t believe all this great stuff happened and I met so many lovely new friends.”
And that kind of sums it up for me. What better endorsement for the gaffer Tim Burgess than the words of a 10 year old girl.
What Tim has accomplished is to take a virtual / metaphysical diner, transform it into the physical and yet still make it feel like it’s all been so good that it was too good to be true.
Anyone who visited over the weekend and stayed a while will all have the same question on their lips, so I’ll ask it on behalf of them all.
Tim, will you do it all again? Please?

Doors close on Tim Peaks Diner Again.
The first time I wrote about the doors of Tim Peaks Diner closing it earnt me the honour of becoming writer in residence when Tim Peaks Diner became a reality at Kendal Calling.
First time round I mentioned it saw the end (?) of the hugely successful brainchild of The Charlatans frontman Tim Burgess.
I may also have expressed my thanks for the musical memories that pretty much define the soundtrack of a generation, for keeping going and, for opening the doors of Tim Peaks Diner in the first place.
I also believed then that everyone who had stopped by would testify, it’d been an enormous amount of fun.
And so, here we are again, a few days after the real Tim Peaks Diner closed it’s doors at at Kendal Calling music festival.
Having had those days to reflect on what was quite simply, one of the best weekends of my life, I thought it worth adding a final chapter, a musical epilogue if you will, on the weekends events. Is it strange that I’m still pinching myself to convince my brain that it did indeed happen? Did it actually happen or did I just have some really bizarre, beautiful, realistic dream?
Well, rather than write too much more (you can see each days events on previous posts) I thought perhaps you might prefer, and maybe it’d be nicer for posterity if you could just click on the button and sit back to reminisce with a cup of Joe.

Nov 12
Tim Peaks Diner – It’s back and now online.

Yes, you heard right, it’s back. As well as physically re-opening again next year at Kendal Calling and Isle of Wight festival, Tim Peaks diner re-opens it’s doors again tomorrow 01 November right here online.
Get yourself along here http://www.timpeaks.com early and you might catch Mr Burgess serving up all sort of delights.
Head over on to twitter around 9 tomorrow morning and he might rustle you up one of his opening day specials.
What was that… you’re not sure how all this Twitter malarky works?? No worries, just go back to the start of the page, everything you need to know is right on this page.

2013 Grab yourself tickets to Kendal Calling, Festival No 6 or Isle of White Festival for much more fun. Sure, I’ll be there again, this time with the family….I believe Mr Boon is reading a bedtime story at Kendal this year. Rock on! 


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