My name is Graeme Richardson.Tech guy, Poet, writer and blogger. (WiM Hof Method Instructor, radio presenter, podcaster, Boxing Scotland judge and unapologetic founder of Force Forward. Technology is the day job and the rest I’m enjoying playing out exactly as was intended. That doesn’t always equal as I’d have liked but then without setback and failure, how would we learn…
Anyway, I digress. I have been putting pen to paper for years. Discounting a featured short story about a young child taking on a burglar with a toy bow and arrow (in the school magazine)  it wasn’t until my days  in the Royal Air Force (apart from my then girlfriend, now wife of 30 years) that I put pen to paper. A poem that is still my favourite!
So, why on earth MRPINKSTER, you may ask? it doesn’t sound like a name for a poet or a writer! The truth is I was given the nickname years ago for being in possession of a pink lighter. On the train, on the way to basic RAF training. It stuck!

In 2012, a job as The Charlatans frontman Tim Burgess‘s writer in residence at his Tim Peaks diner at Kendal Calling music festival, led to a lot of my time being spent on gig reviews and interviewing new up and coming bands. It’s been a fantastic couple of years. Check out the blog  to read some.

Time marches on, in 2013 I published my very first poetry book. It’s called FI Blues.
In 2020 it was time for The Disappearing Scotsman to make an appearance. My debut novel!
Since then things have been crazy good I’d say.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy the site.