One For the Ladies…

And quite possibly some of the guys.
Whilst looking through some of this years photos I realised that for me, it’s been as good a year for gigs as I’ve had in some time.
Long gone are those days of at least one gig per month and a festival sprinkled in for good measure though.
Oh no, that kind of regularity dramatically reduced around 9 years ago.
And, if I’m honest, it’s probably a good thing. The old bones may still like the odd venture to the front of the crowd, but in reality the old bones are..well just that. Fighting my way to the front to stand crushed against the pit barrier for the duration was always an attractive proposition in my younger years, but now, not tso much. I’m now quite content to stand back a little and enjoy the show, just out of  ‘nutter’ or ‘moshpit’ range. One thing I have learnt though, is that there is no such thing as out of beer range. That stuff (and all other discharged plastic pint glass contents) will hit you no matter where you stand.
Anyway, I digress. (funny that eh)
2011 has been particularly memorable for gigs, for a number of reasons, but that 9 years plays a large part.

June saw a welcome return (ahem) for Take That to Glasgow, and more specifically to Hampden Park. My previous outing to the home of our countries national team was to witness a courageous performance against the World chamions Spain, which I’ll not harp on about because tonights post is about music..
I was lucky enough (lucky, ahem again, really!!) to get a hold of a number of tickets for Take That.
And so it was, that we decided to let this be young Heather’s first ever gig (if you discount Attic Lights at Skyfest a few years back) and she was really excited about going. Not wanting to miss Heather experience the gig, I went along, but in fairness, not particularly over-enamoured with the band, tried to play it cool. As gigs go, the music was, well Take That. Possibly the nicest way to put it.
However, as shows go, I have to say it was a pretty fine display.
As stage entrances go, the band themselves made a pretty drab walk on to start with, but re-united with Robbie Williams to come cascading down a waterfall to The Flood was not too shabby. More so Mr WIlliams solo entrance was nothing short of showmanship epitomised. Heather was mesmerized.
I have to say, I quite enjoyed myself. Yes, so moving on.

July saw me en route to another sporting event that I’ll not talk about just now. But, the night before flying out to Germany I went along to Haigh Hall Contry Park in Wigan to see one of Manchester’s current finest, The Courteeners. I’d wanted to see them for a while and never made it along to the smaller venues on their previous visits to Scotland. So it was, in relatively native surroundings for them, I watched a thoroughly enjoyable summers evening set. What’s so memorable about this gig is that never more was it apparent, that age is catching up with me. Not only did Mr Osborne and I not touch a drop of alcohol…but we actually found ourselves leaving as the final number of the encore started. Nine or ten years ago there is absolutely no way you would have found me leaving to get out the car park early, whilst a song like “Not Nineteen Forever” bounced through the evening air. How apt  too.

Later in July, The Charlatans headlined the Split festival in Sunderland.
Another first for Heather as well as her Auntie Tina. A great gig, for which, yes, we made our way to the front to stand against the pit barrier. In Heather’s case, sit on it. Big thanks to the brilliant security team and also to Mr Burgess who waved and sang to Heather. Another first, and for me, there’s always something particularly special about Charlatans gigs.

On to November.
Voodoo Rooms in Edinbugh played host to the one and only (Andrew) Roachford, who ironically was the first band I ever saw live, way back in 1989 at Glasgow Barrowland Ballroom. Every time I see him perform he seems to get better. Believe me when I say, (especially those of you who think Cuddly Toy was his only hit) this is someone you should go and see live. Truly a wonderful voice.

So, perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea but if I dare, perhaps not actually over just yet.
I’ve secured a ticket to see The Stone Roses in Manchester next year, which means breaking my own self imposed rule about “Never going to see a re-formed band.” I’ll make an expcetion though, just this once.

So, in closing, the title of the post was “One for the ladies” and so I’ll stick to that.

Here, for you, in it’s unedited 11 minutes of glory is Robbie Williams making his way out onto Hampden Park.Fantastic camera work Heather!
Probably also worth saying…(through gritted teeth) The noise was louder than that I have heard at any Scotland match.

Enjoy. Yes…I did!


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  1. shazzac says:

    That cheered me up on a dreary thursday morning at work!!!

  2. OMG! You made me cry again!!! I was tooo excited to see Mr Williams. Thank you for sharing Take That and Charlatans this year awesome or what? Wonder what next year will bring??? Lady GAGA perhaps?????

  3. Heather says:

    Thank you now the public can see my fab camera work! I am glad you enjoyed it!!

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