Christmas cheer!

This time last year I went to Madrid, for a friends 40th birthday celebration.
It was was always going to be another fun weekend away.
A long weekend in Madrid for the first El Classico fixture of the season was something to look forward to.
Having taken on the responsibility for getting the accommodation sorted, I thought everything would go without a hitch.

It’s probably worth mentioning that myself and another of my friends (not the birthday boy)had decided not to bother getting tickets from the exorbitant online touts. El Classico it may have been, but neither of us felt able to justify the £350 asking price.
“Lets wing it and try our luck in Madrid” we said.
Birthday boy, on the other hand, had his ticket bought for his birthday.

So, we were all set. Flights were booked, apartment confirmed and paid for. I’d even dug out some Spanish lessons.
And so, all ready to fly out on Friday 9th Dec. What could go wrong? It was sorted!

Right up until the beginning of the week we flew out.

I get a call from the birthday boy on the Monday to ask for the address of the apartment we were staying. Ironically, his ticket might not be dispatched until Wednesday and he’d like it sent to our apartment. Irony? He is the only one of us to secure a ticket and now we’re worried about him getting it. So, I get him the address. Now it’s in the lap of the God’s. (and as it transpires a very eccentric yet reliable English apartment owner.)
Finally, a quick phone call to our other friend to confirm meeting arrangements for the airport on Friday.
We had a good catch up before he said
“What day are you flying out?” “I thought we booked for Thursday”
“I’m booked for Friday pal” I told him. “Double check your booking, it’s Friday, not Thurdsay.”
He checked, it wasn’t, he had booked for Thursday all right.
Now, at that point I started to laugh almost uncontrollably, but it got better.
“Pal, you ok” I asked.
“Yep” he replied
“Mate, are you being vague on the phone and playing this down because the wife is there and you dont want her to know you have booked the wrong flight” I asked.
“Yep” he replied
“Are you going to tell her”
“Nope, not yet”
I broke down. I honestly don’t remember having laughed so much in a long time!
There’s not many people whose misfortune I would guiltlessly laugh so uncontrollably at. Why?
Well, you get to know people really well over the years. Moments like this and others happen… particularly where my friends are concerned..
Gotta love your friends.

That’s it.
Gotta love your friends!
Give them a big hug this Christmas!

PS Tickets arrived, flights changed ok, we got tickets, Barcelona won 3-1. Happy Days. Adios!

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