A Little Bit of Powder

Meet Andy. He’s the cheeky yet likeable roadie that’s brought to life by actor Craig Parkinson in A Little Bit of Powder. He’s going to tell you a story about what it was like touring with one of the worlds great rock n roll bands during the crazy days of bygone times. He’s also going to tell you what happened when he came into posession of 15 little bags of powder and how that led to him standing in the middle of the street, looking to the stars.
A Little Bit of Powder is the first single come short story audiobook by Ian Rankin to be released on O-Genesis records, the label launched by Tim Burgess, Jim Spencer, Nik Colk and Nick Fraser last year. This offering is a collaboration between Ian Rankin, who has written the story, with music from The Charlatans Tim Burgess and Nik Colk Void of Factory Floor.
Fans of The Charlatans and Tim Burgess’s recent book Telling Stories will of course, love this short story, and it is by no coincidence that the characters within and many of the references are very closely linked to Burgess’s life and the turbulence that goes hand in hand with the rock n roll lifestyle.
But wait. These characters may have much in common with The Charlatans but they are not The Charlatans. In fact, they could be any of many a band involved in spinning a yarn or two like this over the years. For that reason, I believe this will appeal to all music fans.
Now, stop right there. I mentioned this was an Ian Rankin story right? So it isn’t exactly as straightforward as all that, but then with an author such as Rankin, what less would you expect.
Finally, this is not just a tale of rock n roll with a twist. There’s a real life lesson in this, one which, I think everyone of a certain age will appreciate. If you’ve ever applied the term “Work hard play hard’ to yourself or anyone you know there is an additional value in listening to this over and over.

You see… for most people, achieving a childhood dream of being in a rock n roll band and living the lifestyle to match never comes true. For few it does. Another choice phrase, ‘Live fast, die young’ springs to mind. A good percentage of the few that achieve that dream fall sadly into this category, certainly more than is healthy. It probably makes rock n roll as dangerous as F1 racing or one on one combat sports.
This story shows us that we always, always have a choice. There is always hope, no matter what life throws at us. Even when a life you’ve striven so hard to achieve seems to be killing the very soul that got your there. Life rarely turns out the way we expected it. It just takes some folks longer to realise what is most important in life. It might well have been The Outriders who said…. (Can I ask you) Do you ever get this feeling, when its hard to carry on.
Those people of a certain age, know that feeling. For a world of different reasons perhaps, but they know it all the same. This story, albeit only 15 minutes long, captures that sentiment perfectly. Life is what you make if it.
So, I dare you, whoever you are, listen to this and I’m pretty certain you’ll have some pretty powerful emotions evoked.
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