Lovers of live music that have not had the pleasure of Glasgow’s Oran Mor should treat themselves to a visit sometime soon. It’s dark recesses and low ceilings, make for a haunting and yet cosy, homely feel for your musical entertainment. Forget the transcendental superglue floors and mesmerising aura of The Barras for a night, in favour of this smaller, more intimitate venue, which lies on the corner of Byres and Great Western Road.
Shame really too, that you couldn’t have treated yourself tonight.
For a treat indeed was in store for those who headed along to see Tim Burgess’s solo tour arrive in town, with support from Hatcham Social and The Velveteen Saints.
With age, much less alcohol consumption but more of a thirst for new music, I’m finding myself arriving at gigs increasingly early these days.
Arriving shortly after the doors opened it appeared only perhaps Nick Fraser and Jim Gellaghtly were more prompt. (but perhaps for good reason:)
So, at 7.20PM when Velveteen Saints took to the stage, it was soon with a little sadness I was bobbing my head and tapping my feet.
‘It would be nice if there were more people here to hear them’ I thought.
First impressions were of Snow Patrol with added oomph, but a bit into the set there were definite Clash and BRMC influences coming through. These guys are a Glasgow band, definitely one I’ll be listening to more of and keeping an eye out for more gigs. Watch out for them. (STOP PRESS, turns out they are playing Nice n Sleazy on 10 Nov. See you there guys)
Next up were Hatcham Social. Opener ‘Crocodiles’ is the perfect start to their set, which also includes current single ‘I look like a God when you dance with me’ and previous ‘Lois Lane.’ I’ve written about them previously and still highly recommend them. If you need a few listens, persevere, for once you get it, they’ll have you hooked.
And So to Mr Burgess. Here to give new album ‘Oh No I love You’ an airing he was straight into the rolling, entrancing, attention haunting giant that is Tobacco fields.
Mixed with the blue lighting and the Oran Mor ambience described above it immediately set the mood for the set, which as well as White, A Case for Vinyl and The Doors of Then, (I’m sure Tim will post the full set list for you) contained Years Ago, We All Need Love and Oh My Corazon, from his first solo album. Add a smidgeon of elegance from the mock candelabras hanging in the wings and you had the finishing touches of decadence befitting some of Tim Burgess’s finest work to date. It has to be said that this is work that he clearly enjoys too. And if not already evident, the Glasgow fans had a pretty enjoyable night too.
Haste ye back, Mr B..