I usually find coming home from a holiday can be a bit little depressing. You spend some quality time away with the family and have some nice weather, only to come back to have to go back to work. Such is life.
For whatever reasons too, in recent years my holidays seemed to have coincide with being away over the Wimbledon final, the British Grand Prix and T in The Park. And agaion, usually I come back to find that the British weather has actually been great whilst I’ve been away.
Not this year though. Leaving it a little later meant I was able to catch all three aforesaid events.
I did miss the Khan v Garcia and Haye v Chisora fights but have managed to catch up on the knockouts. No great shock in the farce of the year but it did surprise me that Freddie Roach and Amir Khan decided on the strategy that led to Khan’s second defeat in a row. Garcia has power and yet Khan (from the limited footage I’ve seen) appeared as gung ho as he had been in his defenceless display and against Breidis Prescott.
Oh anyway, I digress, this isn’t a boxing post tonight.
The weather I left behind was pretty lousy from what I gathered too, so I certainly seemed to have picked a good time for a break.
And the fun hasn’t ended yet. No post holiday blues as tomorrow it’s off to www.kendalcalling.com
Many of you will already know I’ll be scribbling away in Tim Peaks Diner over the weekend, blogging all the weekends events and trying to get a hold of as many revellers as possible for the odd interview here and there.
For anyone not going, check out the blog early next week for the full review.
And for anyone who is going, pop in and say ‘Hi’.
It’s going to be a great weekend.
See you in the fields!