The sun was shining that Saturday night as I walked up Sauchiehall Street.
I arrived at the ABC, no queue, so I eased inside and took my seat.
It’s a pleasant little venue, the ABC2, perfect when there’s love in the air.
On came support, “I’m called Little Fire” the evening begins, pen & notebook in gear.
Immediately, I think David Gray, with a huskier voice and younger.
Also, a little less head movement too, as the guitar strums, and we’re off.
Don’t get too close and you won’t get burned completes an early line.
The melodic tones soon hit home and the audience are feeling fine.
Ten Ways is soul searching “To Fall Apart” and “I’ll Find my Way” he sings.
Red and blue spots and the venue’s low ceiling are good to for his voice, I think.
High Hopes is upbeat, oozes ambition, this night is his dream come true,
and All “Little Fire’s” needs in life, I’m feeling were here tonight too.
Keep going, stay positive, full of love and continue your fantastic journey.

The siren sounds, then “Hello Glasgow” straight on it and holey moley,
there’s a quick keyboard fiddle, we’re feeling good, a clap and sensational vibe.
There’s love in the air when Stevie Wonder esque keys segue when you’re in my life,
the realisation of this amazing voice and the place is simply swaying.
Perhaps a sign of the average age but both band and audience are happy,
some chat, Glasgow’s cool and accents rule, G’on yersel big man, Sitnin me!
In the palm of his hand, Glasgow’s now swinging, piano & drums, so smooth,
a “GOODNIGHT” gag then a song about the crazy social networking groove.
Run when you see the word “Complicated”, velvet vocals and snazzy snare.
Jerry & Angela’s 26 years, a gig dedication is beautifully fitting.
Baby baby crowd participation slides into Lets Stay Together.
Then from Al Green to wishing you knew – sweet piano and vocals, a sensation.
Claps get louder my soul sister, guitar, keys and drums are grooving.
We know some friends change, but were still the same, survived, we keep on moving.
We have faith in you and we’ll carry on, listening and contemplating.
Sung with such feeling the audience are cuddling, then a free beer not heavy.
It’s gone all funky, segue into, Muddy Waters Mannish Boy!
We’re livin in the city, all hands together, this is next level love.
We’re introduced to the band then they show their stuff, in a suitable jam stylee.
Break it down, what a band, don’t need a bit more, it’s already worked itself out.
Fine? Beyond that, best crowd in the world, this generation’s gonna shout.
Woah tambourine then, can I get a stop, be proud, head up high, tops the night.
Big big bass, such positive vocals, energised the people alright.
Drum, guitar and a dancing crowd, feel the love of more funky keys.
We Are Family slides nicely in, rapturous applause is given.
Back for encore, speechless, couldn’t ask for more,
Kathleen, short but effective, then one of Mike’s for the floor.
Drums in to a big crowd reaction, let yourself be free,
hands sway, lavish love over man and the band, a long keys outro, cheers!
Penultimately a pounding intro and crowd adulation, still feel fine.
Giving some love, a funky take it down, on the bass, not the wine.
You gotta feel not once but 2,3,4 and finally 5 big times
Watching over 40’s Glaswegian guys, showing this love is sublime.
God bless you Andrew Roachford, just freak for you, we are,
now it’s rockin, drums are crashing, smiles collide with guitar
riffs a plenty, emotional Glasgow, feel it reverberate,
and “Only, Only” pure satisfaction gleams from every face.

To fade, “See you soon”

I Get High
River of Love
The Way That I Feel
Wishing You Knew
Ride the Storm
Hello Friend
We Can Work it out
This Generation

Over Your Shoulder
Lay Your Love on me
Cuddly Toy
Only to be With You