Stone Roses Comeback

They said it would never happen. Some folks, like myself thought that one day it might just be a possibility.
Then, last year Stone Roses announced that they would reform for UK shows at Manchester’s Heaton Park on June 29, 30 and July 1 2012. A European tour was announced shortly after.
Over 150,000 tickets were sold in record time and many of us got very excited at at the prospect of getting to see the band.

With June rapidly approaching and everyone beginning to get more than just a little bit excited at the prospect of these gigs, more news broke on the bands website today.
Fans were told to get themselves down to Warrington Parr Hall for 1600 hours to get wristbands for a surprise free gig. They were told to take along a CD cover, a record sleeve, band t-shirt or Heaton PArk ticket.
Around 2115 the buzz on Twitter got quite loud. #thestoneroses was trending like crazy and so I hung around for a while.

Then, a little after 2130 and Seventeen years after they last played live together, Stone Roses returned to the stage.
It was pretty cool to share the experience in this way, with the few very lucky fans that managed to get a hold of a ticket.
The tweets were flying like mad as well, but I’m not even going to try and steal John Robb’s thunder by going into every small detail. He does it so much better. Pretty sure you’lll be able to get the full review here.

So, on this night that saw Stone Roses resurrected, the set comprised of (courtesy of Mr Robb’s tweets)

I wanna be adored
Mersey paradise
Sally Cinnamon
Made of Stone
Sugar Spun Sister
Standing Here
Shoot You Down
She Bangs the Drums
Love Spreads

The set closed and before leaving the stage, Ian Brown told the crowd “We’ll be back.”
The band departed the stage, Bob Marley’s Redemption Song played over the PA and the crowd lingered.
One thinks this will go down as a very special night indeed for many.
Welcome Back Stone Roses. You are Adored!


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