Not a Day Without a line

Here’s a few snippets of week two of writing at least a line a day.. You can find Week 1 over here http://mrpinkster.tumblr.com/post/31156272759/not-a-day-without-a-line Read from the bottom up:) It’s going somewhere.. 

14 Sep
To provide and provision one’s own life
Pushing peoples patience but not for fun
Coming of age yet treated like a child
Really, no wonder they acted so wild.

10 Sep
Watch that furry yellow ball bounce around
Tense nervous energy, felt, every sound
The eb and flow of a Grand Slam final
Check out the language, silenced yet primal.

08 Sep
Suddenly the options of life unfold
Variety in everything, what choice!
Desire to do good the motivation
Brand new set of peers for inspiration.

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