Dave Haslam kicked off the day with a short memoir of the hazy crazy Madchester days of Happy Mondays an The Stone Roses, which really set the mood for the rest of the days events.
Then he introduced Edwyn Collins, who spoke frankly about family, ilness and recuperation, current and future projects, childhood, courage and titanium plates in his head as well as OJ days, spitting, Rip it Up and a bizarre TOTP performance.
All this led nicely into the musical entertainment for the day. The diner guests were already feeling the love when Roddy Frame and Edwyn Collins took the stage.
This was followed by a short set by Hatcham Social, then Tim Burgess accompanied by Hatcham Social.
We then welcomed Roddy Frame back to the stage, who was joined firstly by Tim for a beautiful rendition of Walk into Winter. Both were then joined by Edwyn for Consolation Prize and Girl like you. Anyone who was in the diner will tell you what a very special moment this was.
As everyone was catching there breath, in cam Kyle from The View, who took requests from the audience for his set.
Once he had finished Nick Heyward wandered into the diner looking pretty darn cool in his Wellies and shorts.
He opens his set with “hiya, shall we warm up with some love” (+1)
Soon he has the diner guests dancing before Tim joined him on stage for the set closer.
They had the crowd singing back to them in what was another very special moment indeed.
Tim came back out for a Q and A session and a few book readings and still had time for another impromptu poem about the late Tony Wilson, from poet Mike Garry thrown in for good measure.
Dave Haslam said this had been one of the best days of his life and I would not argue with that.
Metamorphosizing the virtual phenomenon that wasTim Peaks into the reality we have been experiencing at Kendal Calling has taken skill, a lot of good judgement and a lot of hard work.
That work paid off today as Tim Peaks Diner became a roaring success. On behalf of all the guests, I’d like to thank Tim, all today’s performers and everyone who worked so hard to make this such a Fantastic Day.
Over to Heather for a few closing words.
Wow how can I add anything to that? Well you covered it all!
Totes Amazeballs for breakfast ?