Following on from my last post, I think this recommendation is quite special. This is music I’ve been listening to for a few weeks, following on from seeing both bands live. One of the bands I’d heard of and wanted to see, the other I honestly hadn’t heard of. Now, I think they’re both great.

The first are Hatcham Social. Obviously you can check out what the music presses say about them and it will be far more eloquent than I can put it. I’ve been listening to both their albums and of course have my favourites. From the opening ‘Crocodiles’ on debut album “You Dig the Tunnel, I’ll Hide the Soil” their music grabs a hold of me and makes me want to think about what their saying. Some of their songs make me want to close my eyes, chill out and let the music wash over, others make me want to jump up and (shake my hair about) dance. It’s guitars, drums and vocals combining to make engaging music. I could tell you what it reminds me of, but I hear different influences each time I listen. Lead singer Toby’s voice also vaguely reminds me of someone else, but it doesn’t matter who. He sounds good and I like the way his voice, along with some great riffs and energetic drumming gives life to their songs. Just go check them out.

Next, The Gramotones.

Hailing from Manchester, The Gramotones have been together, gigging for about a year now. In an attempt to break the modern day mould and perhaps the occasionally monotonous club circuit, the guys have played some pretty interesting venues that include a barge and the real life incarnation of Tim Burgess’s metaphysical diner Tim Peaks Diner, at Kendal Calling festival last month. The band played two sets over the weekend and went down a storm. Without giving the game away too much I will say that there are definitely shades of a certain Liverpudlian sound emanating. Imagine the jangle of days gone by, shaken down and freshened up to make a vibrant 21st century feel good sound. I reckon the band will appeal to a wide cross section of todays music fans. But hey, don’t take my word for it. Take a listen for yourself.

There we go, and you’re very welcome. Once you’ve listened feel free to come back and tell me how much you enjoyed both bands. Even better, go tell your friends. Spread the love people.