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2012 Review of the Year
2012 let’s wrap it up with a beautiful poetic review
Some of the highlights from what has been
A fast paced, constantly changing twelve months.
For just a minute put aside the news and a trillion
Google searches
As I present a story of always listening to your head, heart and guts.

Embrace change, try something new was how it started
Keep an open mind throughout
Be prepared to work hard, be flexible
And question everything, leave nothing in doubt.
Grab every opportunity, make it unique to you
Have faith in your convictions, don’t put off, just do.
Tell the world to listen, to what you have to say
Be pleasant and polite each and every day
Give gratitude for everything, especially when you can’t
For that is when you need to most, feet you need to plant.
Help lots of other people but not to make you feel good
Achieve that by living healthily, and eating better food.
When the light is darkest, just before the dawn
Be dedicated to your cause, stretch, get up and yawn.

You’ve seen your worst but do not burst.

Never, ever give up, on others or on you
We’re the worlds greatest creation, there’s nothing we can’t do.
Strive for the world and everything in it
There’s nothing wrong with that
But be humble and true to yourself
You groovy crazy cat.

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14 Sep 12
To provide and provision one’s own life
Pushing peoples patience but not for fun
Coming of age yet treated like a child
Really, no wonder they acted so wild.

10 Sep 12
Watch that furry yellow ball bounce around
Tense nervous energy, felt, every sound
The eb and flow of a Grand Slam final
Check out the language, silenced yet primal.

08 Sep 12
Suddenly the options of life unfold
Variety in everything, what choice!
Desire to do good the motivation
Brand new set of peers for inspiration.

28 Aug 12
No rules, be what you like
In dreams, get on your bike…and
Venture into the unknown
I’ll begin now the seed’s been sown.

Red tiles that lead to the door
Cracked as you walk on the floor
Start to split and then show you more
Is this real, have I been here before?

I am now in a place that’s serene
Am grateful for all that has been
I am sure I am sane, am I mad
Be your own judge you will and I’m glad.

Colourful heaven are you able to tell
I put me here, perhaps it’s as well
Imagination paints a scene
Watch where I’m going, not where I’ve been.

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