FI Blues

FI Blues is my first published book of poetry.

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It usually began with a conversation, one often leading to disappointment. Other times not so, but the outcome was still the same.
You were detached to the South Atlantic. And that’s the way it was.
In total, during my time in the Royal Air Force I spent a total of 12 months apart from loved ones by way of Falkland Islands detachments.
Although the primary audience for this book will be anyone who has served in the forces, I think it may well appeal to anyone who has spent time apart from a loved one. Likewise, anyone who has had a bit of time on their hands to think things over. Although the book is tinged with sadness, my belief in the writing was that anything less would not be fitting the title. I wanted to touch on the feelings experienced as an individual in the circumstances of such a military detachment. But also, I wanted to emphasise that there is a very good reason for such detachments by HM Forces personnel.
As I look back at my detachments to the Falkland Islands (which took place in 1994 then 2000/2001) I am so very glad that I chose to document my thoughts during the latter period.
I also believe it was a great idea to refrain from alcohol for an entire year, including the four month period captured in this book. I hope you agree.
Perhaps, like many you may believe that was due to some kind of temporary insanity.
Whichever it was, it served it’s purpose for me. Now, years later, the time is right to share with everyone. I hope you enjoy the book.


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