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Doors close on Tim Peaks Diner Again.

The first time I wrote about the doors of Tim Peaks Diner closing it earnt me the honour of becoming writer in residence when Tim Peaks Diner became a reality at Kendal Calling.
First time round I mentioned it saw the end (?) of the hugely successful brainchild of The Charlatans frontman Tim Burgess.
I may also have expressed my thanks for the musical memories that pretty much define the soundtrack of a generation, for keeping going and, for opening the doors of Tim Peaks Diner in the first place.
I also believed then that everyone who had stopped by would testify, it’d been an enormous amount of fun.

And so, here we are again, a few days after the real Tim Peaks Diner closed it’s doors at at Kendal Calling music festival.
Having had those days to reflect on what was quite simply, one of the best weekends of my life, I thought it worth adding a final chapter, a musical epilogue if you will, on the weekends events. Is it strange that I’m still pinching myself to convince my brain that it did indeed happen? Did it actually happen or did I just have some really bizarre, beautiful, realistic dream?
Well, rather than write too much more (you can see each days events on previous posts) I thought perhaps you might prefer, and maybe it’d be nicer for posterity if you could just click on the button and sit back to reminisce with a cup of Joe.
But before you click, please allow me to thank the people who made this such a very special weekend.

Tim Burgess, Nick Fraser, Brian Shields, Lucy and the entire Tim Peaks Diner staff.
Mark Mace Smith, Nick Heyward, Jackie Hagan, Tony Walsh, Hatcham Social (Finn, Dave, Riley & Toby), Edwyn Collins, Roddy Frame, The Gramotones, Joe Stretch, Minny Pops, Dave and Christine Haslam, Dave Viney, Scott Tyrell, Tracy and Simon Rackley, Mike Garry, Callum Ellis and family, Heather Booth Martin and family, Kate who introduced me to Dakota Beats, Beth from the Glasgow Guardian, Jamie from the NME, everyone else I had the pleasure of chatting to and a special mention to anyone who managed to sit through my poetry on the soapbox stage.

Not forgetting Kendal Calling for staging the weekend.
And finally, to Heather. My wonderful daughter(@thehbomb06), who blew me away with her complete enthusiasm, dedication to writing and performing herself. For all your help over the weekend, for being a real trooper and for writing the Tim Peaks poem. You partied until the wee hours and kept coming back for more. You rock!

To everyone mentioned, you all rock! Without further a do, I invite you to sit back with a damn fine cup of coffee.
This is my tribute to Tim Peaks Diner and everyone who made the weekend possible. Enjoy!


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  1. Tina says:

    Love your Tim Peaks Tribute class or what?

  2. Enjoyed your blogs from this buddy…. glad you had a blast

  3. @manicmorff says:

    Great set of blogs from what sounds like a special one-off of an event.
    Sounds like you have a performer in the making there 🙂

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