21st Century Boxing

Here goes again. I hear the fight between Derek ‘Del Boy’ Chisora and David ‘The Hayemaker’ Haye has now been sanctioned by the WBA and the WBO.
In a Statement released earlier today, Paco Valcarcel, president of the WBO, said, “We have to go ahead and approve the fight. The Luxembourg Boxing Federation is a member of the WBO and the problem is between the LBF and the British Boxing Board of Control, not the LBF and the WBO.”

The “Licensed To Thrill” card, is being staged by BoxNation in association with Hayemaker boxing.
Now, I may still have separate thoughts about the overall quality of live boxing being aired on the pay channel but they have delivered this fight. And clearly, judging by the number of tickets it has already sold, it is a fight the public wants to see.
The British boxing board of control will not sanction the fight and have stated they will terminate the license of anyone taking part.
Also, siding with the BBBoC are the WBC, stating they will remove licenses of those involved, including the suspension of the Luxembourg Boxing Federation, whose affiliation with WBA and WBO has sanctioned the fight.
Just for a second, consider this… The WBC are the same governing body that allowed Mike Tyson to fight for their version of the heavyweight title after he had bitten off Evander Holyfield’s ear.

I’m going to keep it quite simple really..
And it is a question to those again considering themselves the purists of this sport.
Do you really believe that it is the actions of boxers that are bringing the sport into such disrepute?

If you really do, then here’s a suggestion for you all…
The reality is that is the combined efforts of the WBC, WBA, WBO, IBF, WBU, IBO et al that are actually killing boxing. You are like the boxing equivalents of religions, each one of you proclaiming to be the ones that will clean up the sport. What a complete nonsense.
So, 2012 will see the commencement of a new tournament.
Forget the Super 6!
I give you the regulating bodies barn burner…
A knock out tournament to the death, leaving only one remaining governing body.
Where does that leave us then?
Well, next up, Goldenboy, Hatton, Don King, Showtime, Frank Warren, Eddie Hearn, Frank Maloney and cohorts duke it out to become the head honcho.
The boxing boards of control of all nations swear allegiance to them, or are terminated themselves.
A new universal proclamation is made, The magna carta of boxing is created by A committee of elder boxing statesman, as voted for by the paying public, which boxers, promoters, boards of control and the the chief of the new world order all sign up to.
Chisora and Haye get it on, Haye wins, fights Vitali Klitschko, loses, retires properly this time, and boxing takes over world as millions switch allegiances back from the UFC.
It may be confusing for a while but the public will see the fights that they want to see and we’ll be rid of this alphabetic chaos.
As it all falls together, Mayweather fights Pacquiao and 21st century boxing is baptised and again crowned king, on the same night.

One thought on “21st Century Boxing

  1. I don’t feel I could care less if I even tried about this Chisora vs Haye fight. Not a flying f*** through the hole in a polo mint could I give.

    It’s all about the pounds, shillings and pence and I feel dirty at the thought of buying into this pantomime that is evolving. This side of boxing is “Coruptus en Extremus” and more to do with average fighters lining their pockets instead of the science of boxing that we both love.

    I hope for a double knock out 🙂

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