There’s a homely feel to Tim Peaks Diner at Kendal Calling. I’m not going to describe it in detail for you because my daughter Heather has written it up far more eloquently.. Over to you Heather.
So far Tim Peaks feels like home. The comfy,red, leather booths make it so relaxing to have a drink and make new friends. No frowns have been spotted only smiles and mouths open wide in amazement for when they get the first sip of their drink. As soon as you walk in you see the delicious, eye catching Totes Amazeballs that look like they are calling you over for a bite. No-one has left with out a smile on their face and coffee in their stomach. The guests who came in looked curious and a little tense but as soon as they sit down with a drink in their hand a smile forms on their face and they slouch down nice and relaxed. The people that are working/helping out make sure you are satisfied and do it with a grin. As for the food the sponge cake is to die for! All the jam lovers and cake lovers will adore this especially with awesome tunes to bob your head to while you eat. The milk chocolate cookies are delicious too, nice and soft just the way most people like it. The bird watching activity is very interactive and fun for the children to keep them occupied if the funky music does not. Funky music which, it has to be said comes from a pretty funky jukebox.
All this before today’s special guests got up to perform.
Tony Walsh got things started (@KendalCalling poet laureate 2012) with poetry of his own before and after introducing Jackie Hagen and Mark Mace Smith too. Music from The Gramotones and more poetry from Mike Garry kept everyone well entertained.
The poems were amazing and many people laughed. It is a really lovely place because you get to talk to people that are part of bands or poets and are not always stuck up in the dressing room hiding from people. There is just enough space to talk to them and get to know them. After interviewing six people we got some good results: Two boys crunching on Totes Amazeballs say that the best part for them was the cereal. Two of the people that were being interviewed said that they came to Tim Peaks because they heard it on twitter. A family say they are coming back tomorrow because they want to see Edwyn Collins, Fin from Hatcham Social says he is coming back because it reminds him of Twin Peaks. (Witch is actually why it is called Tim Peaks.) Riley from Hatcham Social says he is coming back because he likes the coffee :). And out of the six people spoken to only one person said they would change one thing. We wont tell Tim who said he would change the curtains “the pink does not match the rest of the place.” That is only for one day, wow looks good for Tim Peaks! Over to you dad!

Em, what more can I add to that? Summed up better than I could have put it.
Did you mention that once the jukebox got into full swing that the diner guests got up for a boogie?
What a cracking start to the weekend. Roll on tomorrow.
Here’s the fine gents that are Hatcham Social, chillin in Tim Peaks with mrpinkster and the H-bomb.