The Heavyweight India Experience – Part 3

Delhi, Derhadun & a Divine dook
Thursday 18th Nov (cont’d)
The flight went without a hitch and at 2245 as I finished my last diary entry the captain announced the decent, stating we would be on the ground at 2300, getting to the stand at 2315.
This was a blow. Factoring in the bus transfer to the terminal we were cutting it close to the wire.
We duly landed and taxi’d round what seemed like the largest airport in the world, coming to a halt at 2315. Another five minutes to get the bus to the terminal and Stu shook his head in resignation.
“No chance” he said.
As I’ve told my Dad many a time when I have been going for a train, I told Stu to ”Keep the faith”. Continue reading “The Heavyweight India Experience – Part 3”